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Pie in the Sky:
the Authorized History of Punkin Chunkin’

by Bob Kotowski

Pie in the Sky: the Authorized History of Punkin Chunkin’ Punkin’ Chunkin’ has been a part of Delaware for over twenty years now and it is likely to continue for many more autumns. Who would have thought that a challenge to see who could throw a pumpkin the farthest would grow to be one of the largest events in our state, drawing tens of thousands of people to acres of corn fields in normally quiet “slower” Delaware?

Author Bob Kotowski has tirelessly researched this amazing phenomenon and provides you with the most definitive chronicle of Chunkin’. We begin with a history of war machines to the day the hat was thrown down in 1986 to the present. Through the early rudimentary, homemade devices to the cannons that resemble artillery pieces, we are led step by step towards the ultimate quest—to be the first being to hurl a gourd a mile. It makes the Grail seem unimportant!

Heavily illustrated with many heretofore unpublished photographs and illustrations, Kotowski’s work clears the air of myths and misinformation that has grown over twenty-two years. The facts are now revealed. If you want to know how it really started, it is here.

The book can be browsed online and ordered from Cedar Tree Books.

  • 2008, softcover, 8 ½ x 11, paperback, heavily illustrated, 144 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-892142-40-5
  • Price: $20.00

Chunkin’ Punkins

by Eileen M. Baker, Ed.D.
Illustrations by Colleen Lowe

​Chunkin' Punkins Take a trip with Spittin’ Seeds, Ice Cube and Bad to the Bone –
To Punkin Chunkin – where over a mile, a punkins been thrown!
Come hear and see the machines who compete for the coveted crown.
This year, who will take the trophy to its hometown?

Just for kids, this book is a wonderful introduction to the sport. It is available from Pilottown Publishing.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association supports the mission of the above organizations by contributing to the funding that keeps them going strong. A share of the proceeds from our annual Punkin Chunkin event in November is earmarked for charitable giving. We are proud of our relationship with these vital nonprofits and the work they do to make life better for those in need.



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