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2014-10-24 8:00:00 GMT-05:00




Machine Registrations for 2013 are now Closed!  The field is full


Membership Fees/Liability Release Forms for Competing 2013 Team Members

Membership Fees are for registered competitors in the 2013 Punkin Chunkin World Championships. If you are looking to purchase spectator tickets to attend the event, please go here.

All team members must pay individual membership fees in order to have badges issues for pit access during World Championship Punkin Chunkin. Membership fees include lunch on Saturday.

Team members who have not pre-paid their membership fees, must pay them on site before being given their badges and pit access.

Team members aged 10 and under do not have to pay a membership fee.

In addition, ALL registered team members must sign the liability release form.  We will have an updated copy made up for 2013, but it is not available at the moment.  When it is, we'll put a link up on this page.  No badge will be given to anyone who has not signed the form.  Forms will be available at the badge shack should you decide to not print and sign the form early, but it will mean that there will be a delay when you pick up your badge.

To pay for your membership fees, please click here.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association supports the mission of the above organizations by contributing to the funding that keeps them going strong. A share of the proceeds from our annual Punkin Chunkin event in November is earmarked for charitable giving. We are proud of our relationship with these vital nonprofits and the work they do to make life better for those in need.



Thanks to our many sponsors without whom this annual event would not be possible.

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