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Any High School Senior attending an accredited Sussex County High School, any High School Senior that was listed on the machine registration form entered in the most recent Punkin Chunkin, or any student presently enrolled in a post secondary school or college that graduated from an accredited Sussex County High School. The student should be majoring in Agri-Science, Mechanical Technology, Engineering, or other Chunkin related field.


Download and complete the scholarship application. Download here.

A complete application includes all of the below items enclosed in an envelope including personal reference in an individually sealed envelope.

  1. A complete application form.
  2. An official Transcript for the current year.
  3. A letter of reference from a high school teacher, counselor or administrator who knows you but is not related to you. The letter must describe the student’s activities, character, leadership ability, academic standing, initiative and any other relevant information. It must be in a sealed envelope addressed: “Scholarship Committee, Personal Reference”.
  4. A one-page letter by the applicant stating why he or she is planning to attend a school of higher learning.


All completed applications must be returned to the Punkin Chunkin Association by March 31st.

Notification of Winners:

A letter will be sent to all winners and the award will be presented at any awards ceremony that the school may have for seniors.


If you do not complete the college year for any reason, you will forfeit the scholarship and return all money to the Punkin Chunkin Association.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association supports the mission of the above organizations by contributing to the funding that keeps them going strong. A share of the proceeds from our annual Punkin Chunkin event in November is earmarked for charitable giving. We are proud of our relationship with these vital nonprofits and the work they do to make life better for those in need.



Thanks to our many sponsors without whom this annual event would not be possible.

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