Punkin Chunkin

Countdown to chunk!

2014-10-24 8:00:00 GMT-05:00

Spectator FAQ

May I bring a cooler to the Chunk?

Yes, coolers are allowed.

What are the rules of the Chunk?

Official Rules are listed on the Competition Rules page.

Can I bring my pet to the Chunk?

Only service animals are allowed at the Chunk. If you bring your pet we will ask you to leave. There are just too many safety and health reasons to allow pets to be brought onto the grounds.

This rule against pets attending INCLUDES the camping areas! When we say “no pets”, we mean “NO PETS!

Are alcoholic beverages allowed or sold at the Chunk?

You may bring alcoholic beverages to the Chunk, but we require that you are of legal drinking age (police will be on-site to enforce this law) and we ask that you drink responsibly. The Association reserves the right to ask those that are intoxicated to leave the grounds at any time.

There are no sales of alcoholic beverages at the Chunk.

What time does the ‘Chunk’ start?

The gates open at 7:30 AM each day. The complete schedule for the Chunk is available on the Schedule page.

Should we bring blankets or chairs?

Good idea. The event is held in a large field. Most spectators stand by the fence, but later in the day a place to rest is always welcomed I am sure. The viewing area stretches for a long distance and there is plenty of room to get a good view. You will see people with platforms on buses, vans, and other inventive viewing venues.

Will food vendors be available?

There will be a wide assortment of food and beverage vendors, However, no alcoholic beverages will be sold on the grounds.

Is there an admission fee?

$10.00 per person. Parking is free and children under 10 are admitted free of charge.

If you are towing a trailer or have an oversize vehicle there will be an additional charge.

We are sorry, but there are no multi-day tickets.

What are the lyrics to the Punkin Chunkin Anthem?

The Punkin Chunkin Anthem, written in 1989 by William and Dawn Thompson has become a traditional part of the event’s daily opening ceremonies.

Now you can sing along:

It was the end of October, the beginning of November.
The air was cold and clear and I said, Boys listen here,
I think I can make a punkin fly.
John said, Cannot. I said, Can too.
So we put that punkin in a bucket, swung around, away it flew.
John said, No fair. We said, Hell, it’s in the air.
So the challenge was made and the gauntlet was laid
To build a machine to power a punkin through the air.
John said, Springs are the way to go. Bill said, I don’t believe so.
It’s Punkin Chunkin time again.
Come on, all you neighbors and friends.
I’ll show you how to make a punkin fly … rain, snow or blow.
Them punkins are gonna go!

Is there a campground near the Chunk?

Yes! But it isn’t “near” the Chunk, it is AT the Chunk! We accommodate both RV and tent camping. View the Travel Info page for more information.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association supports the mission of the above organizations by contributing to the funding that keeps them going strong. A share of the proceeds from our annual Punkin Chunkin event in November is earmarked for charitable giving. We are proud of our relationship with these vital nonprofits and the work they do to make life better for those in need.



Thanks to our many sponsors without whom this annual event would not be possible.

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