If you have land or know of someone that has land that we could utilize for our event, please have them reach out to us via email.  [email protected]

Important Facts in Understanding Field Size

We would consider any property that is 200 acres or more in size.   

Total Distance

  • Our top competitors shoot over 4,000 feet. Everyone else shoots everything in between. 
  • The world record is 4,694.68 feet. The holy grail of Punkin Chunkin is to try to shoot 1 mile (5,280 feet)
  • All of our competition is packed into a confined area on the field. The rest of the open field is to allow us to shoot pumpkins into the field. 

Machine Setup

  • Each team needs anywhere from 20ft - 40ft wide "pit areas" to properly set up their machine. 
    • At the height of our competition, we had over 100 machines stretched in a wide L-shaped fashion totaling close to 4000 feet in length. 


  • The teams need a camping site adjacent to the machines so that we can stay on-site. 
  • If space is available, we will offer spectators camping.  We generally keep the spectators and the teams separate. 


  • Daily spectators will need somewhere to park on the property. If space isn't available we will have to see if people can be bussed into the location from an offsite parking location.  

Important Information for Landowners to know

  • We strive to be good tenants of the land. Without it, our competition doesn't exist. 
  • We provide excellent coverage in terms of insurance and do everything that we can contractually and insurance-wise to protect the landowner.
  • We outlaw glass from being on the property. This has been a standard for our event since 2016. 
  • We don't allow any holes to be dug on the property without the landowner's consent.  We have rules for our competitors that if holes are to be dug that it doesn't go past the topsoil so that holes are easily filled back in. 
  • Our event budget takes into consideration that the field impaction will need to be fixed after the event. 
  • We coordinate everything with the farmer to get the field ready for our competition. Our competition is generally the first week in November and we know that depending on plantings and harvesting, we may not have ample time to get the field ready.