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Many of you have questions about this year's return event due to new rules. We are trying to answer them as fast as possible. Please check this FAQ to see if we have the information here. Many are asking the some questions. Like any large event or venue, we are required to have certain rules for your safety.

Where is the event taking place this year? 
The event is back in Bridgeville, DE, where it was successfully held in 2013. Since we have our event in the middle of a field, we don't have a specific address to provide. Check out our Location Page on the site to see if that helps. 

What time does the gates open? 
The gates will open at 7am on each day of the event. November 4th, 5th & 6th. We start firing machines at 8am and continue to do so until dusk. 

What is the schedule of events? 
We start chunkin' pumpkins at 8am on November 4th, 5th & 6th. Each category shoots 1 of their 3 competition shots each day. Once we get through our competition round, we keep chunkin' until dusk. We have Cookin' contests on Saturday & Sunday. There is a Pageant on Sunday. The awards ceremony is Sunday night. If you like local bands, we will have live mustic on stage starting Friday night, Saturday / night & Sunday.  Once we have a full schedule of evetns, we will post it on our website and on social media. 

Can I bring alcohol to the event?
Yes & No!  Alcohol is not permitted in the general event area.  Alcohol is permitted in tailgating & spectator camping. Alcohol vendors will be onsite for general spectators. 

Can we tailgate in the general parking lot this year like years before?
No! Additionally, the trees leading into the event have grown to the point that you would not be able to enjoy what the event has to offer. If you want ot tailgate, you must purchase a tailgating pass and park in the designated area where alcohol is permiteed. 

Can we bring food to the event? What about our own non-alcoholic beverages?
Yes! However, be prepared to have your bags checked. 

Can we bring bags/backpacks to the event?
Yes!  However, all entrances will be conducting bag checks. 

Are pets allowed at Punkin Chunkin. What about assistance animals,such as guide dogs?
Pets are not allowed at Punkin Chunkin. It is not an environment that is suitable for pets. 

How Many Vehicles Can I Have In My Tailgate Section?
Tailgating spots are sold indiviudally. 1 Vehicle = 1 Spot 

How many people can I have in my tailgate section? Do they have to come with me?
6 people per vehicle are allowed in the tailgating section with you. When you arrive, you will be given 6 wristbands that permit people to travel to and from tailgating. Each person on the premises requires a general admission ticket. 

Can I bring people into my tailgate section from General Admission?
Yes! You will be given 6 wristbands to use as you would like. 

Can we have campfires in tailgating? 
No! Due to safety & labor concerns, we can't permit open fires in the tailgating area. Propane fires are permitted. 

How many tents can you have at a campsite? Is there is size limit on tents?
You may have 2 tents per campsite. Tents are not to be larger than 4-man tents. 

How many people can you have at a campsite?
Up to (4) adults are permitted per campsite.

How many vehicles can you have at a campsite? Is there an additional charge per vehicle? If so what is it?
1 vehicle per campsite is permitted. If you would like to have additional vehicles, there will be a charge of $10 / night. 

Is each person camping required to buy a general admission ticket?
Yes!  Every person on the permises will require a general admision ticket. 

Can we tailgate at our own campsite? 

Isn't shooting these pumpkin a waste of good food?
No! Majority of the pumpkins that are grown for competition are hybrids. Each year, we donate all the remaining edible pumpkins to farmers to feed to their animals. Shooting pumpkins has resulted in us being able to donate over 1 million dollars since 2000.