Official Statement

The last few years haven’t been kind to the World Championship Punkin Chunkin.  We have struggled as an organization to keep our beloved event alive both in spirit and in reality. There have been many obstacles in our path in recent years - some well known and others, not so much - but our will to keep Punkin Chunkin alive remains as strong as ever. 

After building momentum with the 2019 World Championship Punkin Chunkin in Illinois, we were hopeful that things were moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, Covid brought that momentum to a screeching halt. Despite that setback, we continued to work behind the scenes to resurrect our event and continue a world-famous tradition. 

2022 will be a crucial year for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin. If we are not able to build the necessary support and get things back on track with a physical event, the future of our organization will remain uncertain. So, we are once again at the point where we need the public’s help to make Punkin Chunkin a reality. Most importantly, we need a wide-open space where we can let pumpkins fly. 

What exactly are we looking for, you ask? Great question! 200 acres, or more, of open, relatively flat land located somewhere on the Delmarva Peninsula in Maryland or Virginia would be ideal. We won’t - and can’t - rule out a smaller space if that’s all we can find, but it may limit the size and scale of our competition as well as the types of machines that are allowed to enter. 

With that being said, as an organization, we understand that we may need to rebuild the World Championship Punkin Chunkin from the ground up. That may also mean that we have to organically grow our event the same way we did all those years ago. We are ready and willing, to make concessions to get Punkin Chunkin back on track. To learn more about what an ideal location looks like for us, visit If you know of somewhere that may be a good fit or someone who may be interested in working with us, please email us at [email protected]

Why is the event not happening in Delaware?

WE LOVE DELAWARE!  It’s where Punkin Chunkin was born and where we would love to continue the tradition. However, our event involves risk and, even with the appropriate insurance in place and waivers signed, Delaware has no laws limiting the amount for which an individual or organization can be sued. State and/or county property has also been ruled out for use by the organization for a number of reasons. 

In 2015 Delaware State Senator Brian Pettyjohn attempted to introduce legislation that would change these laws and make Delaware a more inviting place for events like ours. Unfortunately, the bill was voted down in committee and never made it any further. While we appreciate his efforts, we understand that there are other factors at play and certain organizations within our state that will work to see that these changes never happen. 

Where Should the event continue?

If the event can’t be a Delaware tradition, we want it to remain a Delmarva tradition. Punkin Chunkin should remain close to the people who built and supported this event for nearly 30 years. Fortunately, Maryland and Virginia have laws favorable to our event and non-profit organizations like the WCPCA. 

We have had discussions with the Maryland State Park’s director, but the idea did not gain any momentum as they indicated that their regulations prohibit the use of devices capable of propelling objects at a high velocity with the exception of weapons used for hunting. At this point, we have not had the opportunity to communicate with anyone in Virginia.  However, North Carolina also has laws favorable to our event and we have been in contact with an interested party. 

How can you help?

Help us find a Home!  Without it, we are only advocates for other Chunks that happen around the world. We are the World Championship Punkin Chunkin and the original since 1986.