The Competition

Each year, a group of people converge on a piece of land with their Trebuchets, Catapults, Torsions & Air Cannons with one thing on their mind, "WHO WANTS TO SEE A PUNKIN FLY"?


Powered exclusively by gravity, these machines use a counterweight attached to an arm to swing the pumpkin attached to a sling around and release at an optimal pin angle. 


Similar to a Trebuchet in terms of an arm swinging a pumpkin around attached to a sling, with the exception that these machines are normally powered by springs or rubber bands. 


They get their name from how much torque they put on twisted rope that is the main power to sling a pumpkin into the air.

Air Cannons

If you ever built a potato gun or at least had the opportunity to shoot one, Air Cannons at the annual Punkin Chunkin are the big daddy of potato guns. Using compressed air, nothing flamable, these machines shoot pumpkins over 4,000 feet.


Around, around and around the pumpkin goes, when it will be released, no one knows. These machines build up centrifugal force in an circular motion and have ways to release the pumpkin at the optimal trajectory for an outstanding distance shot. 

Human Powered

With only so much time on the clock, you get out of it what you put into it. Only one human has limited amount of time to cock and fire their machine.


We just want to show off our pumpkins and without our Theatrical division, the show wouldn't be complete.

Youth Competition (11-17)

Comprised of mostly schools or pre-teens and teens that are looking to make their mark on the chunkin scene while having fun learning the mechanics of torsions, trebuchets, catapults & centrifugals.

Youth Competition (10 & Under)

Our future of the chunk.