Chunk Norris

2019 Registered Machines | Adult Catapult


Mike Powers

Home Town

Bedford, NH

Best Distances

2011= 949.70 ft (4th place) 2012= 2051.08 ft (1st place) 2013= 2509.44 ft (2nd place) 2015= 2947.75 ft (1st place) 2016= 3508.02 ft WR (1st place) 2019= 4091 (WORLD CHAMPION)

Machine Description

Interesting Chunkin Fact! Chunk Norris became the World Champion record holder in the catapult competition of 3,508 feet at our 2016 competition. To accomplish this feat, Chunk Norris utilizes a ½ mile of latex tubing to generate 50,000 – 75,000 ft-lbs of torque to send the pumpkin accelerating close to 450 mph to achieve world record distances. To put this in perspective, a full-size pickup truck has about 500-750 ft-lbs of torque.