Volunteer Form

We are a 100% non-profit organization. Our association relies heavily on volunteers that help us put on our World Class Competition every year. Our needs for Rantoul, Illinois will require the community to help us meet them. Our needs as we understand them to put on the event are: 

  • Installing Fence - We will need to install fencing to establish buffers for the machines and the spectators. This fence will need to be installed days before the event and taken down and stored after the event. 
  • Security - Our event needs responsible volunteers to make sure that gates are secure. If someone doesn't have the appropriate access, they should not be allowed in certain areas. 
  • Labor - There is plenty of stuff that is needed to be done.  

The goal of our event is making money so we can help support the community. We ask that you recommend other non-profits to support in your community. If everything goes as expected, we hope to offer them a donation.